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General Plant Information

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(Please note that this is NOT a list of our plant material on hand, just plant information)

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Sage, Blue Hill Garden
Salvia nemerosa 'Blue Hill'
This smaller perennial has dark purple flowers in spikes all summer. Drought tolerant; will grow in dry soil.
- lavender blue H x W - 18 - 24"   3G    

Sage, Longin Russian
Perovskia atriplicifolia 'Longin'
Longin Russian Sage has pretty lavender blue flowers & a shrubby sprawling habit. Drought tolerant; will grow in dry soil.
- lavender blue H x W - 3 - 4'   3G    

Sage, May Night
Salvia 'May Night'
A signature plant for late spring and early summer with its tall, colorful, indigo-blue flower spikes rising above gray-green, oblong, clump-forming foliage.
- purple H x W - 18"x24"                     3G    

Sage, Snow Hill Garden
Salvia nemerosa 'Snow Hill'
The white version of the above, this one stays a little smaller. Drought tolerant; will grow in dry soil.
- white H x W - 12 - 18"   3G    

Sea Holly, Blue Cap
Eryngium planum 'Blaukappe'
This unique perennial features steel blue - purple spiky flowers in summer. Does not like being transplanted once planted. Can be dried.
- blue - purple H x W - 2 - 3' 2G    

Sedum, Autumn Joy
Sedum spectabile 'Autumn Joy'
Pretty rose - pink flowers top gray - green fleshy foliage in late summer. Prefers dry soil but will tolerate moist soils. Drought - tolerant.
- rose - pink H x W - 2' 3G    

Sedum, Brilliant
Sedum spectabile 'Brilliant'
Similar to Autumn Joy, this one has neon pink fleshy foliage in late summer. Prefers dry soil but will tolerate moist soils. Drought - tolerant.
- pink H x W - 2' 3G    

Sedum, Frosty Morn
Sedum spectabile 'Frosty Morn'
A unique Sedum with cream & green variegated foliage. Icy pink flowers. Prefers dry soil but will tolerate moist soils. Drought - tolerant.
- pink H x W - 1' 3G    

Sedum, Rosy Glow
Sedum 'Rosy Glow'
A great groundcover for hot, dry places. Prefers dry soil but will tolerate moist soils. Drought - tolerant.
- rose - pink H x W - 6" 3G    

Shadbush (Serviceberry)
Amelanchier canadensis
This native tree has white flowers in spring & purple red fruits. Orange, red & yellow fall color. Use in woodland garden or as a specimen. Drought - tolerant.
- white H x W - 10 - 25'   N 4 - 5'    

Silverbell, Carolina
Halesia tetraptera (carolina)
Another native, Silverbell has white bell shaped flowers in spring. Yellow fall color. Use as a specimen. Somewhat drought & salt - tolerant.
- white H x W - 25 - 50'   N 1 1/2" 15G    

Skimmia, Japanese
Skimmia japonica
A slow-growing, rounded shrub with red-maroon buds that open to creamy white flowers in April.  Bright red fruit appears in October and lasts until the following spring.
- white H x W - 4'x4'                         10"-12" 3G    

Smoke bush, Royal Purple
Cotinus coggygria 'Royal Purple'
Smoke bush blooms look like purple red puffs of smoke, covering this shrub or small tree in spring & summer. Pretty purple foliage. Drought tolerant; somewhat salt tolerant.
- white H x W - 25 - 50'     1 1/2" 15G    

Snowbell, Japanese
Styrax japonicus
A small, upright, low-branched tree with spreading branches that are covered with 3/4" white, bell-shaped flowers in May-June.
- white H x W - 25'x25'                           3'-4' B&B    

Solomon's Seal, Variegated
Polygonatum odoratum 'Variegatum'
This shade loving perennial has attractive green & white foliage & white bell shaped flowers that hang along the undersides of the arching stems.
- white H x W - 18 - 36"           3G    

Speedwell, Blue Fox
Veronica spicata 'Blue Fox'
Ever - blooming flowers of purple blue top this small plant in summer. Drought tolerant. Remove spent flower spikes to encourage more flowers.
- purple blue H x W - 15" 2G    

Spirea, Anthony Waterer
Spirea bumalda 'Anthony Waterer'
A dense-growing, attractive, easy care plant with foliage that flushes pink before turning a pleasant blue-green.  Rose-red, flat head flowers emerge in late June.
- rose red H x W - 4'x6'                         3G    

Spirea, Bridalwreath
Spiraea prunifolia
A well - known shrub from our grandmother's garden, Bridalwreath has clusters of small, white flowers in spring. Coppery orange & yellow fall color.
- white H x W - 4 - 10' 30 - 36" 3G    

Spirea, Golden Elf
Spirea japonica 'Golden Elf'
Tiny and fine-textured with golden-yellow foliage that doesn't burn in the sun.  Tight, globular spreading form with sporadic pinkish-red flowers May thru June.
- pink H x W - 12"x36"                         3G    

Spirea, Goldmound
Spirea bumalda 'Goldmound'
Bright yellow foliage throughout spring and summer with pink flowers in June and July.  Pinkish-red fall color.
- pink H x W - 3'x5'                         3G    

Spirea, Little Princess
Spiraea japonica 'Little Princess'
This dense, mounded little shrub has bright pink flowers in June and July. Low - maintenance plant. Prune back in early spring. Remove spent flowers for possible second bloom.
- pink H x W - 2 - 3' x 3 - 4' 3G    

Spirea, Magic Carpet
Spiraea bumalda 'Magic Carpet'
This groundcover shrub has orange - red foliage maturing to gold with flowers in summer. See pruning info above.
- dark pink H x W - 18" 3G    

Spirea, Mellow Yellow
Spiraea thunbergii 'Mellow Yellow'
This small shrub has golden yellow foliage that fades to green and pink flowers. See pruning info above.
- white H x W - 3 - 5' x 3 - 5' 3G    

Spirea, Pink Parasols
Spirea fritschiana 'Pink Parasols"
An easy care shrub that boasts tightly packed blue-green foliage and a dense, mounding habit.  In June, big umbrellas of buds open to masses of fluffy pink flowers.
- pink H x W -  3'-4'                         15"-18", 18"-24"    

Spirea, Shirobana
Spirea japonica ' Shibori'
Compact and spreading, this variety has unique blooms with both rose-pink and white flower heads appearing on the same plant starting in mid-June.
- 3'x5' H x W - 3'x5'                         3G    

Spirea, Snowstorm
Spiraea thunbergii 'Mellow Yellow'
A dwarf shrub, Snowstorm is covered in white flowerheads in May. Prune in spring before growth begins.
- white H x W - 3 - 4'   3G    

Spirea, Vanhoutte
Spiraea x vanhouttei
This rounded shrub with arching branches is covered in clusters of tiny white flowers in spring. Tolerates some drought & salt.
- white H x W - 6 - 10'   24-30"    

Spruce, Baby Alberta
Picea glauca 'Conica Baby'
Baby Alberta Spruce has a rounded, dense shape. Tolerates temperature extremes well.
H x W - 4 - 6 x 2 - 3'   3'-3.5' B&B    

Spruce, Bird Nest
Picea abies 'Nidiformis'
Bird's Nest Spruce is a low - growing broad shrub with dark green foliage. Very slow - growing. Prune in early spring.
H x W - 3 - 6' 3G    

Spruce, Blue Fastigiata
Picea pungens glauca "Iseli Fastigiata'
Narrow, dense, conical shape with blue needles.  Good for windbreaks and is drought tolerant.
  H x W - 35'x7'                         30"-36" B&B    

Spruce, Colorado Blue
Picea pungens 'Glauca'
Always popular, Colorado Blue Spruce has silvery blue needles & the perfect 'Christmas tree' shape.
H x W - 35 - 60' N 30 - 36"    
4 - 5'    
6 - 7'    

Spruce, Dwarf Alberta
Picea glauca 'Conica'
This very slow growing ('dwarf') tree has a very fine texture with soft green needles. Use as specimen. Is often planted under eaves of house where lack of direct contact with rain can aid in spider mite infestations. Plant in shade or out in open.
H x W - 10 - 12' N 18 - 24"    
30 - 36"    
36 - 42"    

Spruce, Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce
Picea pungens glauca 'Globosa'
A dwarf, globe-shaped conifer with stiff, blue-green needles.
  H x W - 4'x4'                           24"-30" 10G    

Spruce, Fat Albert Blue
Picea pungens 'Fat Albert'
Fat Albert has an upright, pyramidal shape & bright silver blue foliage.
H x W - 20 - 40' N 5 - 6'    

Spruce, Prostrate Colorado Blue
Picea pungens glauca 'Prostrata'
A dwarf, low-growing variety with stiff, blue-green needles that is wider than it is tall.
  H x W -  2'-3'x3'-4'                           30"-36" B&B    

Spruce, Norway
Picea abies
Fast-growing conifer with stiff, dark green branches.  Pyramidal shaped when young. Branches droop gracefully with maturity
  H x W - 60'x40'                         5'-6'    

St. John's Wort, Sunburst
Hypericum frondosum 'Sunburst'
A dense-growing selection with glossy blue-green foliage and showy, bright golden-yellow flowers that appear in mid-June and last into October.
- yellow H x W - 3'-4'                       N   3G    

Stokesia, Blue Danube
Stokesia laevis 'Blue Danube"
The large, full, lilac blossoms are serrated and make a good cut flower.  Prefers filtered sun and well-drained soil.  Blooms from July until frost.
- lilac H x W - 24"x24"                               3G    

Sunflower, Thin Leaved
Helianthus decapetalus
Profuse,  3",  light yellow flowers in late summer.  Parent plant of a number of Helianthus hybrids.
- yellow H x W - 4'-7'x2'                        N   3G    

Liquidamber styraciflua
Sweetgum has large star - shaped leaves that turn orange, red, purple & yellow in fall. Somewhat drought & salt tolerant.
H x W - 50'+ N 2"    

Sweet Pepperbush, Hummingbird
Clethra alnifolia 'Hummingbird'
This cultivar of our native shrub features fragrant white flowers on a compact shrub in late summer. Seed clusters resemble peppercorns. Prefers moist soil & shade from afternoon sun. Somewhat drought & salt tolerant. Will tolerate some flooding.
- white H x W - 2 - 3'     N 2.5 - 3'    

Sweet Pepperbush, Native
Clethra 'alnifolia'
A native shrub that grows in wet areas as well as seashore conditions.  Fragrant white flowers bloom in July - August.
- white H x W - 6' -8'                     5G    

Sweet Pepperbush, Ruby Spice
Clethra alnifolia 'Ruby Spice'
This form of Sweet Pepperbush grows slightly taller than 'Hummingbird' & has medium pink, fragrant flowers. See above for other info.
- dark pink H x W - 3 - 6'   N 2 2 1/2' 3G    
2.5 - 3'30 - 36" 3G    

Sweet Pepperbush, Sixteen Candles
Clethra alnifolia 'Sixteen Candles'
This cultivar has creamy white flowers on a smaller shrub. See above for other info.
- white H x W - 3 - 5'   N 15 - 18" 3G    


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